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users cannot decrease planner logging if pegasus.mode is set to debug


      I wanted to mention one minor issue we spotted recently:
      We are using the pegasus.mode property a lot at the moment to move between production development and debug settings. However, I think that development is doing some things that should only be done when using debug. In particular debug advertises that it increases logging for the various subcomponents of Pegasus such as the planner … . However, when we use development we find that pegasus-plan is very verbose, and doesn’t respect the provided -vv flags, only in production mode is pegasus-plan not super-verbose. Is it intended that development also makes pegasus-plan super-verbose (for our 100000 job workflows, plan in debug mode prints a lot and hides useful messages from other areas).

            vahi Karan Vahi
            iwharry Ian Harry
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