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      DONE - use pathlib.Path to handle paths instead of os.path.*
      DONE - use tempfile.TemporaryFile in tests to avoid having to clean up files after
      DONE - make exception messages more specific (such as including information about bad inputs, etc)
      DONE - add tests for writing both yaml and json
      DONE - in Writable.write(..), derive file format from file ext, else use the given format
      DONE - where applicable, make enum classes private, (for example, GridType becomes _GridType, and under the class Grid, add the class var GT5 = _GridType.GT5 ... )
      DONE - change ValueErrors to TypeErrors where applicable
      DONE - change MetadataMixin.add_metadata() to be add_metadata(self, *args, **kwargs)
      DONE - when testing constructors, add assertions
      DONE - for unit tests that check for raised exceptions, verify the raised exception message

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