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Planning error when image is of type singularity and source is docker hub


    • Type: Icon: Bug Bug
    • Resolution: Fixed
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    • master, 4.9.0
    • Affects Version/s: 4.9.0, 4.8.4
    • Component/s: Pegasus Planner
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      Pegasus fails to plan a workflow that has a container of type singularity and the image url points to docker hub.

      Example TC:
      cont hic_hq_image

      { type "singularity" image "docker:///papajim/hic_hq:latest" }

      Error Message:
      2018.09.13 15:55:24.219 PDT: [FATAL ERROR]
      [1]: Unable to instantiate Transformation Catalog at edu.isi.pegasus.planner.catalog.transformation.TransformationFactory.loadInstance(TransformationFactory.java:172)
      [2]: edu.isi.pegasus.planner.catalog.transformation.impl.Text caught edu.isi.pegasus.planner.parser.ScannerException line 8: at edu.isi.pegasus.planner.parser.TransformationCatalogTextParser.parse(TransformationCatalogTextParser.java:236)
      [3]: Unable to compute singularity extension from url url -> docker:///papajim/hic_hq:latest , protocol -> docker , host -> , path -> /papajim/hic_hq:latest , url-prefix -> docker:// at edu.isi.pegasus.planner.catalog.transformation.classes.Container.computeLFN(Container.java:184)
      ERROR while logging metrics The metrics file location is not yet initialized

      Planning the workflow is successful when I I change the container specification in the transformation catalog to type "docker" :
      cont hic_hq_image

      { type "docker" image "docker:///papajim/hic_hq:latest" }

      I have attached a verbose output from the planner. I've tested this with 4.8.4, but the output is from 4.8.2. Still the same error though.

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