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source tar balls have .git files


      Some comments from the Debian side (please share them accordingly).


      • contains a full copy of .git/ (making the tarball 2.5 times the necessary size)
      • doesn't contain debian/changelog (but debian/changelog.in), and I cannot find
        a rule to create one
      • unpacks to pegasus-source-4.8.0 (I'd expect pegasus-4.8.0)

      A "stripped" source tarball can be extracted from pegasus-4.8.0.src.rpm

      • that doesn't have .git inside
      • that comes with a debian/changelog file (build version is -1+deb9, btw)
      • that still unpacks to pegasus-source-4.8.0

      So here's what I did:

      • fetch .src.rpm
      • extract .tar.gz (and ignore .spec)
      • rename to pegasus_4.8.0.orig.tar.gz
      • unpack, and rename directory to pegasus-4.8.0
      • edit debian/changelog so the first entry reads "pegasus (4.8.0-1)"
      • process the package similar to the LSCsoft ones (to create a deb8u0 and deb9u0 source package
        to be handled be the respective pbuilders)

      First attempt to build fails as docbook still is expected to come from the net -
      which is "verboten" for pbuilder. Also, a patch has still to be applied to avoid
      overwriting of debian/changelog.

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